North Coast Needlers Quilt Guild


Our guild is one the largest in Ohio. It was first formed in 1985 and currently has approximately 150 members. We meet once a month for a business meeting followed by Show-n-Tell. The highlight of the evening is usually one of our terrific speakers.

 Monthly Meetings

Second Tuesday of each month, 7:00 pm Business Meeting, followed by Show-n-Tell and the monthly speaker or program.

Location:  Don Umerley Civic Center, 21016 Hilliard Blvd, Rocky River, Ohio Map to Monthly Meeting

Guests are welcome to any meeting for a $5 fee.


Upcoming News 

Full details regarding speakers for April, May, and June

June – Jamie Wallen will be our speaker is hosted by Joan Horwich. His web site is:

Jamie is well known as an international Teacher and LongArm Quilting Artist. He continues to travel and teach workshops as well as produce educational materials for the quilting community. Workshop: Wednesday, June 15 Quilting Designs - $40.  Mystical florals in the am and Mystical Grids in the pm. No sewing involved. Jamie is a great teacher and quilter -as well as a really nice guy. I drove to Western Michigan last year and took this class. It was terrific. Mystical Florals Leaves and Vines Quilters can find as much diversity in surface quilting with florals as there is with feathers. “Mystical Florals” covers florals, leaves, and vine variations that will make your quilts take root in creativity. You will learn a myriad of designs using these elements for your customer and personal quilting and apply them to edge-to-edge, custom blocks, border, and sash designs. This class applies to all levels of Long-arm, Mid-arm, Short-arm or Hand Quilters. Mystical Grids This Class covers Exciting new designs with the focus on Jamie’s incredible Point-to-Point “Mystical Grid Designs”. You will learn a myriad of designs using these elements for your Customer and personal surface quilting and apply them to Edge to Edge, Customized Blocks, Borders and Sash Designs to speed up your earning potential while making your surface quilting stand above the rest. This class applies to all levels of Long-arm, Mid-arm, Short-arm or Hand Quilters.

July – Barbara is hoping that Ann Calland will be recuperated and bringing her brother Fred Calland’s award winning quilts. A book was published about his incredible work.

August - Is not yet booked. Be proactive- See Barbara Machol for a copy of our NCN Contract, so you can book your choice.

September – Sherry Priest will be hosting Vyvyan Rundgren who will talk about "Walking on your Art".  Vyvyan is a teacher at John C. Campbell Folk School in North Carolina. She has just published her first book, "Floor Cloths, Quilts, and Pages: Create Traditional Floor Art Using Modern Techniques". She will be conducting a two day workshop on September 14 and 15 which will get you off to a really good start creating your own floor quilt. October is not yet booked. Like August, this is your chance to bring in the quilter you want to meet most. See Barbara Machol to find out how.

November - Not Booked yet. NOTE: Meeting date moved due to National Elections to 11/15/2016.


 The North Coast Needlers Quilt Guild welcomes you to our web presence. While nothing can replace the fun we have at our monthly meetings we hope that you find some of the information on our web page useful!

We have a facebook page too: North Coast Needlers Quilt Guild Facebook Group

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Saturday, June 25, 2016